Wednesday, August 25

Brave New World

Wow, it's been a while, but a lot has happened in the intervening time and while the length of time between this and the last post does not mean I had nothing to rant about, it does mean I have been quite busy.

I  am not entirely sure what this rant will be about but I was going to start with the countryside and it's people, I am amazed that for a place that is so continuously changing the people in it are such inflexible and un-progressive fools.

Also and this might just be a sign of me getting older but why do so many of them behave like kids with beer bellies and expensive make up? It seems to me that for most people growing up stops when they think they are old enough to be treated like a grown up.

Well ok a bit harsh maybe and I will grant you that for the most part there is still some improvement after that, like better dental hygiene and and fashion sense, although this seems to start regressing later on, where it goes from trying to dress like they dressed 20-30 years ago only to be followed by the traditional old persons dress of floral/paisley bibs and sleeveless V-neck jumpers over checkered shirts and corduroy pants).

Back to our dear countryside folk then, isn't it odd that considering that the views of most of them  place them in the realm of medieval folk with cars and mobile phones, a great many of them have probably never heard of the great medieval ideals of Honour, Valour, Integrity, and a few more that I will leave to you to extract.

It seems to me even the ideals of the renaissance have been long since forgotten as for the term gentleman it now seems to refer to a bloke in traditional English costume at best, long gone are those philean ideals by which one is to conduct one's journey through this realm. Why, where have they gone, did they just suddenly not ring true anymore, did someone deliberately discard them, did they get forgotten or just thrown out with the trash of an antiquated system as is about to happen with the ten commandments?

I suppose that the good thing about humanity is that we are a forgetful lot and easily bored which means that while the great ideals are experiencing a bit of an ebb we will inevitably grow tired of this and a new set of ideals will soon appear on the horizon, ushering in a neo-renaissance full of courteous behaviour and great ideals and we will leave the footballer's wives barbarians behind to progress onwards to a brave new world populated by a better class of peoples, facing the world armed with their Iphones and Ipads, protected by their Chucks and their Kickers and their Crocs and mounted in their Volvo XC90s, their BMW X3s, their Range Rover Sports and Audi Q7s.

These are our new Knights and Damsels fighting for a better world with brave and determined looks on their faces. Their homes like the fortified bastions of yonder, unreachable behind the high gates and fences, the glass topped walls and the high cost of living in the area. Protected by their pedigree hounds and the blanket arrogance they surround themselves with.

-'Rejoice friend for we are over the hill, the safety of the new world beckons'

says I, as we are making our way along this windy road. And Lady Fortune must have been listening in on my musings because at that very moment coming round the bend is a valiant XC90 steed mounted by one of the very great men I have been musing about.

-'Wait!' I says 'Let us pull over into yonder ditch and let this nobleman pass!'

He passes us, his face set stern his eyes mere slits of sheer determination, a flash of steely red and chrome glinting in the sunlight. Nothing can stop him or deviate him for his path, he is a messenger of righteousness, a harbinger of justice, a vision to behold!

-'He does seem in an awful hurry, no doubt he is on his way to right some dreadful wrong, did you not see him using his iphone, no doubt to call the other noble men to his side!'

-'Let us wish him good fortune on  his trail and a hasty execution of his duty!'

-'Goodspeed! You cunt!'

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  1. hahahahahahha! Ahhhh you are back on form sir! :)